Signal Coverage Map for EE Mobile

Signal Coverage Map for EE Mobile

There is nothing quite frustrating like experiencing bad mobile coverage in a desperate time. Whether it is for surfing the web, listening to music, chatting with friends, or making calls, most people depend on their phones to a certain extent. An EE phone signal booster can help you improve your signal when your device is rendered virtually useless by poor signal.

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There are several factors that can lead to a signal problem. All networks tend to have blackspots somewhere – the key is knowing how to identify them before committing to a mobile contract. This is where the signal coverage Map for EE mobile comes into play.

The signal coverage Map is available online. Simply put in your postcode to receive an estimate of the network coverage in your location. Using data from the EE signal coverage Map, you can:

  • Switch between 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G network
  • Call or text from any type of coverage
  • Differentiate between outdoor and indoor signal coverage

3G and 4G (or 5G) networks are generally recommended for using mobile applications and browsing the internet. It is also advisable to have indoor coverage anywhere you spend a considerable amount of your time. In order to get 5G signal coverage on EE mobile, you need to invest in a handset that uses 5G network and purchase a 5G data plan. You cannot access 5G coverage with a regular 4G device, as the 5G service relies on New Radio (NR) technology that uses a spectrum of 40MHz within band n78.

How are updates done for EE signal coverage Maps?

Signal coverage Maps for EE mobile are updated automatically every hour by a bot. Updates for speed maps are made every fifteen minutes. The data stays on the maps for up to two years, after which it is deleted proportionally once a month.

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Tests on EE signal coverage maps are done on users’ devices. The reception quality of the mobile signal during the test determines geolocation precision. Typically, only tests whose geolocation precision does not exceed 50 meters are retained. However, this threshold can extend by up to 200 meters for download bitrates.

The Signal coverage Map for EE mobile is a great resource for checking an estimate of the coverage in your area before you commit to a contract. In the event of a poor reception, an EE mobile signal booster can go a long way towards improving your connection. For further assistance or any information regarding EE signal boosters, kindly contact us at +448000698689.

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