How to be a Lifestyle Photographer in London

How to be a Lifestyle Photographer in London

In order to be a successful lifestyle photographer in London, there are some basics you should always have at your finger tips. Being a successful lifestyle photographer in London is about striking the right balance; having the right equipment, right clients, right marketing strategies, and of course being professional enough.

Offer Mini Sessions

Nunzio-Prenna-PhotographyWith the numbers of lifestyle photographers in London increasing, having a plan in place to get the most clients is key. Think ahead, think smart; include mini photo sessions in your packages. These sessions are attractive and affordable to most clients. Consequently, you will get more mini session clients which translate to good cash flow. Rather than waiting for high-end clients who can afford to pay for big photo sessions once a year, take the option of offering smaller sessions and see how that works.

Stock Photography

Instead of sitting in your studio hoping and praying that a client will walk into the studio for a photo session, try out stock photography. Consider that the studio is already fitted with high quality photography gear and so you have nothing to lose by grabbing a model and shooting photos for your collection. In fact, you have everything to gain since you will be perfecting your skills and at the same time earning a little more than you would; again this is one way of thinking ahead, thinking smart.

Have an Email List

For any type of photography, not only in lifestyle photography, it is important to keep an email list of your clients.. Be creative and send useful emails that will prompt them to come back to your studio for another shoot. In order to earn more as a lifestyle photographer in London, try to focus on getting repeat clients as much as you focus on getting new clients.