Best Social Media Apps for SMM

Best Social Media Apps for SMM

There’s no denying that social media is quickly replacing the traditional website when it comes to reaching customers on more modern platforms. However, with so many social media platforms on the Internet today, social media managers are having a pretty hard task of trying to stay on top of it all. It seems that not a day goes by without a new platform entering the already over-saturated market. While it can be difficult for managers to consider just what social media platforms they need to target for their campaigns, there is also the consideration of just how to update so many platforms.

Fortunately, there are apps that exist to streamline the process and make everything far easier for everyone. Social media managers simply need to access a few of these top apps in order to make managing their online presence quicker, more efficient and reach a wider audience in fewer clicks and keystrokes. They certainly make the job a lot easier for everyone, but what are the apps you need to consider right now? These are the leading social media apps for SMM:

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Buffer is one of the leading SMM platforms to manage leading social media networks including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. There is also growing support for photo-based social media including Instagram and Pinterest. Together, the app forms one of the most formidable packages for social media management when it comes to establishing and updating an online presence quickly and conveniently.

Buffer allows you to schedule posts to trigger at set intervals, which makes running promotions or targeting specific messages to different audiences much easier. It also provides native support for sharing links from any website. Simply point the app’s internal browser to the desired website and send it as a message to your audience. It’s really that simple and you don’t even need to leave the app to do it.

Buffer’s main drawback is it’s perhaps trying to be the best of everything. While social media managers will find it makes effective use of posting functions, it doesn’t do much else to truly enhance the experience of each individual platform in order to personalize the experience to that particular audience and take advantage of what all the platforms have to offer in their own rights. While it does provide an excellent point of entry for those looking to manage several online accounts in one click, it is perhaps better for some to look towards more individual apps that target specific platforms.


Tweetbot is one of the most popular Twitter clients in existence today. Those who have particularly large followings on Twitter will find the ability to organize users into lists and categories to be particularly useful as it allows managers to target specific tweets to those particular user segments. It also provides a very functional standalone Twitter app that provides all of the standard uses including creating tweets, sending and replying to direct messages, and posting photos with ease. Those who are familiar with Twitter’s web UI will find the transition to Tweetbot to be seamless: the two operate very similarly and provide identical levels of functionality.

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Pages provide a complete solution for Facebook by giving administrator control over the page management options. This makes it easy for social media managers to make updates quickly and easily without having to sift through the several layers of the web UI in order to find the specific page they’re looking for. Everything is broken down into a much simpler, easier to understand package that reveals Facebook’s true potential for content managers.


While no longer free to use, Hootsuite bears mentioning as it is perhaps one of the most effective packages for social media managers today. It provides integration for over 20 social media networks including Youtube and lesser-known Google services. What’s more, is the app provides management-level analytic data that allows social media managers to see just how effective certain posts are in terms of their reach and engagement levels. It is certainly one of the more powerful packages available, but its cost will require further research in order to determine just what sort of value it can provide managers and their specific applications. Debbie from likes to use Hootsuite because of its very comprehensive package of social media networks. The app “merges yesterday and today in one location” according to her, which makes reaching legacy and modern markets even easier than before.

Long gone are the days when each individual social media network needs to be manually updated by itself. The processes can be very easily streamlined and managers will find they can reach wider audiences much easier than ever before. It’s even possible to determine just how effective certain posts are by having up to date view counts and other worthwhile marketing material, which will allow you to drive campaigns where they’re most effective without any further costly research on your part. Now is the time to take advantage of all of what social media has to offer your business!