How To Store And Care For Loose Diamonds?

How To Store And Care For Loose Diamonds?

For investors and enthusiasts who prefer to buy loose diamonds in lieu of diamond jewellery, the investment allows them more freedom to create their own customised pieces in the future. Diamonds that are loose or unmounted are also easier to sell at a higher price. This means that like every investment you make, loose diamonds have to be properly kept and cared for to maintain its quality.

How To Buy Diamonds

If you are interested in buying a diamond but have yet to do so, there are several facts about diamonds that you should take into consideration. On top of the list is the universal standard by which diamonds are evaluated – the 4Cs of diamond quality. The 4Cs stand for colour, carat weight, clarity and cut.

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Understanding, or at least familiarizing yourself with, the 4Cs will help the investor determine the qualities of the diamond that they consider as most important and then to compare the said qualities to a variety of loose diamonds before choosing what they really want to invest in. For example, Diamond Jewellery Auckland collectors get from high-quality precious stones that have been appraised based on these 4Cs.

Also essential to the purchase of loose diamonds is the certification from a reliable third party gemological laboratory. The most trusted diamond certification laboratories internationally are the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the American Gemological Society (AGS), the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL), the International Gemological Institute (IGI), and HRD. Loose certified diamonds have proper and easily verifiable documentation that provide information regarding the diamond’s quality.

How To Store And Care For Diamonds

Now that you are a proud owner of diamonds, it is your responsibility to keep these in prime condition. The key to preserving the precious stone’s tiptop quality is proper storage and handling of loose diamonds because while these gems are considered among the most durable of their kind, diamonds are not invulnerable.

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If it is hit at a wrong angle or at weak points, a diamond can break. The simplest way to prevent your gems from getting chipped or breakage is to individually wrap your loose diamonds well in soft cloth. Refrain from using tissues as you might forget about the diamond wrapped inside it and throw them out.

Also, when a diamond comes into contact with other diamonds, this can cause scratches. So if you own a number of loose diamonds, then make sure to store the pieces separately or wrap each of them in cloth or tissue to prevent them from scratching each other. You can also use diamond papers or parcel papers. This storage and care tip is particularly true for diamond shapes that have pointed tips.

Probably the most important storage tip is to never forget where you hide your precious diamonds. Since they are small, storing them recklessly will increase possibilities of the items getting lost or thrown into the trash. Store them in a jewellery box or a tight case if you have, but if you don’t then you can use a properly labelled zip lock and place them where you store other valuables. A fabric-lined jewellery case that has a number of individual compartments may be a wise investment for you so you can easily keep all your loose diamonds and diamond jewellery secure.

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How To Keep Diamonds Clean

Whether they are loose diamonds or already mounted on a piece of jewellery, these precious stones also need cleanings and periodic inspections. You can regularly clean the diamonds to keep it from accumulating dust and dirt. Eventually though, you need a jeweller to professionally shine up your sparklers.