How To Reduce Office Waste In London By Hiring Express Waste Removal

Office waste clearance in London can be hectic and overwhelming, especially if you do not have a reliable waste clearance company to offer a helping hand. The bigger the office, the more the waste to be disposed, the more the frequency of collection you’ll need. But with Express Waste Removals, we can make your office waste clearance an easy exercise that’s done fast and efficiently. We are the real pros; we have been offering waste clearance around the city for many years. Our office waste clearance services include the collection of all kinds of rubbish and junk including Ewaste. We’ll carefully collect and take away whatever is no longer needed in your office space.

Image is everything and the last thing any office would want is to have an untidy, dirty office. Such would be embarrassing to visitors; it’d also affect the productivity of your employees. Research has shown that employees tend to me more productive when working in a clean and tidy environment. Let us clear your office waste of every waste and leave everything sparkling clean.  We also advice offices and other commercial properties to reduce or minimize their office waste. The lesser office waste you generate, the fewer the times you’ll need to call us to come and take away waste for disposal. Ultimately, this benefits you as you get to save.

  1. Use less; this is one tip that you can use to reduce your office waste here in London. Reduce your reliance on items that will soon need to be disposed of as waste. For instance, wrappings used to wrap office supplies can be discarded off at the point of purchase, so that you use your own bag. Let the stores know how to take care of the wrappings you’ll leave behind (most won’t mind anyway), from cartoons to polythene bags and the likes.
  2. Having bins; bins are another easy way of reducing your office waste. Bins discourage littering and they help in holding sufficient amount of office waste, before you can call a waste removal company to come over. In the absence of bins, you risk littering the office with all manner of rubbish and waste to an extent that the office becomes an eyesore.
  3. Reusing; reusing includes ensuring that you’ve used both sides of a paper, compared to a single side. Papers comprise of a huge chunk of all office waste; reduce wastage by utilizing both sides of the paper.
  4. Recycling; much of the office waste and junk can be recycled. This includes papers, cardboards, or even materials that remained after an office renovation. Even damaged electronics like desktops, TV; these can be taken for recycling and manufactured into new items. Here at Express Waste Removals, we have a recycling rate of 80%, you can rest assured that most of your office waste will end up in recycling plants across London.
  5. Regular thorough clearance; one reason why office waste tends to accumulate over time is the lack of frequent thorough clearances. It’s not enough to clear rubbish from the main office and halls; also check the stores, garages, as well as kitchen cabinets. Our decluttering services come in handy as we can help you get rid of all junk and rubbish that’s no longer needed in your office. Our professionals will cart away every manner of junk including bulky waste, so that the office is left looking tidy, spacious, and neat.


For all your office clearance needs in London, get in touch with Express Waste Removals London. We are a professional and affordable waste clearance company whose reputation in the city and beyond is pleasant.