How to Find a Great Garden Clearance Service

Every now and then your garden may be in need of a tidy up to make it nice and neat for you to invite guests around and entertain.

Tasks that may need doing are lawn cuttings, tree pruning and garden rubbish sacks. Wood chippings are also included and can be re-used or recycled.


You can reduce the waste that you need to export by making a compost heap. Some of these cuttings can also be mixed in with some peelings from waste from certain vegetables from your kitchen.

Your local council should provide some kind of waste collection but it will be limited to the amount that you can dispose of.

If you employ a garden waste firm, you get a quotation first and get this in writing. You should be clear of what is included in the price s there is no hidden charges that will surprise you.

If you employ a gardening firm they may include the disposal in the price but some may not so you may need some additional help. The garden company that you choose should be recommended by others. You can get these recommendations by checking the company website or by using a website like trust a trader where there are plenty of reviews for you to choose from.

The staff you be sufficiently trained in health and safety and have the required tools to do the job properly. They should also clean up and sweep after work is done.

To find a decent waste Garden waste removal company in London to clear up your mess and take it away to be recycled you can also try just searching your local area online. Pick a few that you find suitable and phone them to get a quote.