How to Care for A Bamboo Pillow

When you first get a new bamboo pillow for your bed it will come in air tight packaging which will need to first be removed and discarded.

You should then remove the actual pillow from the cover and allow them both to air out for a few hours before using.

This is because the new memory form inside the pillow case may have a slight odor to it which is normal but will disappears after plenty of fresh air around it.

The pillow case cover is actually really easy to maintain and can be washed gently in your machine but not on a high temperature and gentle detergent to avoid damage.

You have to be a little careful when looking after your memory foam as this can not be machine washed. This is because of the spinning of the drum will be far to aggressive for the foam and will cause damage by breaking it into pieces.

To wash memory foam, it is recommended that you wash it by hand. You can do this by just using luke warm water. Do not use cold or hot as you risk damage.

Regarding the amount of detergent to use then you should only use a very small amount. You do not need a to totally soak the pillow as it will be harder to dry.

Just lightly wash the pillow and give it a squeeze which will help give it a thorough clean.

Once washed, you should rinse out and make sure all detergent is removed. Do this also in clean luke warm water.

Once all the detergent has been removed, you will need the pillow to be thoroughly dry before you can use it again. Place it on a flat surface that is clean and leave to dry naturally. Do not put near heat or on top of a radiator as the heat will totally dry out and break up the filling.

Make sure that it is fully dry as damp can cause mold to spread.

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