Why ARMember is Best For Membership Plugin ?

Why ARMember is Best For Membership Plugin ?

What is Membership site And why ARMember is Best For Membership Plugin ?

Having a membership site of your own can be a business in itself or it can add a value in a business you have by 10X.

In both cases membership sites can be profitable.

I know some of you who are reading this article might be wondering that what I am talking about?

Well, so before I start to tell you about membership site let me ask you a very simple question.

Have you ever wanted to know about something which can generate a passive income for you?

And if you replied yes then you have come up on the right place because today in this article I am going to share everything about membership sites and will tell that how membership sites can generate a passive income for you.

Let’s begin…

What is membership sites?

Membership site is a simple site where you put a content in the form of digital products either it’s paid or free and only those members can access that products who have subscribed the given plan.

Let me make it little easier for you…

Have you ever visited any platform like Gym where they offer you a different plan on monthly basis or yearly?

about membership plugin

The concept of membership site is same like that gym where you put some products on your site like training of digital marketing, eBooks, or some other products and allows to access only those people who takes the membership plan of your site.

This is not a kind of site which can fit for all kind of business.

So, before starting a membership site you will have to identify your need and only then it’s gonna to work for you.

There are different types of membership sites available. For each and every membership sites you have to apply a unique strategy and model to run it.

Let me take few examples of membership sites…

I am going to take the example of only few types of membership sites so that make sure you choose the niche of your membership site based on your requirement.

Online courses

While planning to sell an online courses you need protected platform where you can bring students and sell your products to them. And I am sure there is nothing which can be better option than having a membership site.

Online communities

In this kind of membership sites, people from all over the world of same domain attract and share their ideas with each other.

Online unique contents

This is another kind of membership site where you put a unique content on your site either it’s in the form of video, audio or text and allows access to only subscribed members.

Why you need a membership plugin?

While planning to create website either it’s a membership site or any other kind of site, WordPress is the best platform ever for creating a beautiful sites with some amazing tools and plugins without having a knowledge of programming.

There are multiple category of plugins are available on WordPress which are used according to the requirement and membership plugin is one of them.

Membership plugins are used for membership sites which let you to restrict your website content effortlessly and allows access to only those members who have subscribed it.

These membership plugins are the complete bundle to create membership system without having a knowledge of programming.

There are many membership plugins available on WordPress plugin store but I have brought up one of the top awesome membership plugin which will provide you more features and functionality with great user interface than other membership plugins. And that plugin is none other than AR member.

Why only ARmember plugin is best?

While creating a membership site on WordPress then selecting a good membership plugin become necessary and that’s why I am putting this plugin name https://www.armemberplugin.com/ in front of you all.

I will be sharing all the factors of ARmember which you should look for while selecting a membership plugin in this section which will tell you why you should use this plugin. But after all choice is yours, I mean whether you want a good plugin or not.

wordpress membership plugin

ARmember is an all in one plugin which provides you various features and functionality without writing a single code.

And now let’s start knowing about each and every features one by one…

Hassle free membership set-up wizard

This features provides you the simple and unique way of setting up the plugin. For a membership set-up wizard it creates a single short code which completes the whole process at once.

Content restriction

To have a full control of the content is the main motive of any membership site owner to use a membership plugin. And ARmember plugin allows you to control all the content on your site like posts, page, files etc.

It allows you to have a control from the root level from where you can allow or restrict any of your content.

Built-in form builder

This is one of the time consuming task while doing via coding but if you are using ARmember plugin which have a built in form builder using that you can create an awesome login and registration page.

Payment gateways

This is one of the most important factor of any membership site and that’s why I have brought up an ARmember plugins for you which supports various payment gateways like Pagseguro, Paypal, Stripe, authorize.net, 2Checkout, Bank transfer etc.

Built-in integration

ARmember plugin gives you a various add-ons which can help you to create an amazing membership site by just few clicks.

ARmember provides you both kind of add-ons paid and free both.

There are many more amazing features still in ARmember plugin which I have not explained in this article so I would suggest if you are having a membership site then go and activate ARmember plugin and explore each and every feature of it.


Let’s wrap up…

Above we have seen about membership site which is a site where you put your products and allows access to only those members who have subscribed your site.

And to set-up all the system of membership site I have also shared one of the awesome WordPress plugin name ARmember which will help to set-up your membership site without putting so much of efforts.