3 Top Beginner Photography Tips for Beginners

Taking photographs is an exciting venture as a first time photographer. That is because there are no rules to follow, just point and shoot. But as you take more and more pictures you will begin to realize that photography needs a bit of skill and knowledge to perfect. Here are some shooting tips for you to begin with:


When taking a photo it is usually important to be aware of the angle at which light bounces of your camera can really affect the quality of a photo. When taking a picture in the afternoon, it is therefore important to ensure that the camera is not directly facing the source of light as this always results in either blurred pictures or pictures with too much light on them.

Use Flash Only When Necessary

A lot of first time photographers are tempted to use the flash light when using the camera. You can use the flash light, but know how to use it. For instance, a photo with too much light is an indication that you flashed the camera too close to your subject. To adjust on this, simply back up from your subject and zoom in to get a good shot. If you’ve still not got the desired shot then you can use flash compensation option that is in most quality cameras to adjust the power of the flash.

White balance

Most quality cameras have the white balancing button. This button is used to detect the light of your immediate environment and adjust the photo colour so that your camera pictures look as natural as possible. So if you are shooting in a place of mixed lighting, or don’t know the kind of lighting that the camera is picking up, white balance your camera.  This will get you nice, naturally looking photos.


Taking good quality photos is all about knowing as much as possible about your camera and also being cautious on the external factors that can affect your overall photo shoot experience.

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